Welcome to the life of C.C. (Doc) Dockery. Yup, that's me.

In this autobiography of Charles Croffard Dockery, I want to share some of the events, good fortune, misfortune, luck and spiritual guidance which have shaped nearly eight decades of my life.

Some of the events which are unusual, and some unique, include an offer of a job by Santo Trafficante, Florida Mafia boss (in the 1960s);

A battle royal with the IRS which led me to successfully urge Congress to shift the presumption of innocence to the individual under attack by the IRS, and my winning battle in the tax court (in the 1990s);

A secret air war in the Taiwan Straits (in the 1950s);

Growing up on a tobacco farm in North Carolina during the war years after my dad left my brother and me (in the 1940s);

Finally getting my college degree while on a first semester food budget of 25 cents a day (in the 1960s);

Forming my own company, Summit Consulting, Inc. to create insurance programs for trade associations (in the 1970s);

Becoming a millionaire through the sale of Summit (in the 1980s);

Successfully changing the Florida Constitution (in the 21st Century);

Learning to fly (Appendix III) and writing an award winning short story (Appendix IV).

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy sharing many of my exciting journeys through these past eight decades.

The Book:

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